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Become the leader your dog deserves


Head Trainer Morgan Phillips has blended a background in education with his passion for dogs to deliver some of the best dog training instruction in Canada.  Morgan trained and worked in the UK as a Phys Ed teacher and as a survival instructor for the Bear Grylls Survival Academy, building his trade as a teacher of information in a clear and concise manner, before moving to Canada in 2015.


After years spent training sled dogs and exploring canine conditioning and nutrition, Morgan jumped into the world of police dogs, obedience training and aggression where he developed a system of communication that removes the guess work; by effectively communicating which behaviours you like and which you dislike any pet owner is able to train the dog they want and become the pack leader their dogs deserve.

Situated on an idyllic 26 acre farm near Cannington, Ontario including woodland, pasture and farm animals, MP Canine Academy is the perfect environment to prepare for real world distractions via private lessons (Pack Leader Program) or in group classes . We regularly provide training to clients from Beaverton, Cannington, Woodville, Lindsay, Fenlon Falls, The City of Kawartha Lakes, Uxbridge, Port Perry, Orillia, Barrie and Toronto.

Training a Puppy


Private Dog Training


Our signature private dog training program is something that Morgan has been refining for years.  Designed specifically for average dog owners, the Pack Leader Program teaches owners how to quickly establish leadership with their dogs, and how to use this leadership to guide and teach their dogs the 6 critical skills that every dog should know.

For private dog training, our Pack Leader Program will comprise of:

  • Weekly private training sessions (approx 1hr in duration) 

  • Learning the most up-to-date dog training methods such as luring, using marker-reward systems, leash pressure, counter conditioning, reward timing and frequency, and much more!

  • Use the techniques above to communicate clear expectations to your dog in the home and out in public

  •  Develop real confidence and trust in your canine companion


Aggression, Anxiety and Fearfulness

We have extensive experience with aggression, anxiety and fearfulness and it is our belief that every dog deserves a second chance.   Aggression or fear does not go away with time and often it gets worse if not addressed.  

With our experience, compassion and patience we will use counter-conditioning, responsible management, and desentisation to teach your dog how to behave around possible triggers.  We will also train advanced off-leash obedience; an obedient dog is a safe dog.

Although we cannot change a dogs personality (and we wouldn't want to), the goal of this program is to give your dog familiar routines that provide comfort even in unfamiliar circumstances or environments. With each dog having individual personalities, drives and motivations please feel free to take advantage of a free phone consultation to allow us to assess the severities of these behaviours and advise accordingly.  

Group Classes

Group classes in 2023 will be held in 2 locations: Georgina (De La Salle Chapel) and Manilla (Manilla Community Hall). Please use our booking system below to see exact time, dates and locations.

All-age Dog Training Group Classes will consist of a group-learning environment where participants will learn how to establish leadership and teach their dogs the 6 critical skills that allow dogs to behave and thrive in any environment. We offer on-leash dog training classes and off-leash classes

Image by Taylor Kopel

Private Training

Using a ground breaking two-way communication system and professional instruction we show you how to train critical skills and habits such as: crate training, engagement, manners and advanced obedience.

Learn how to teach your dog the basics, to an exceptional degree.  You will teach your dog how to perform essential obedience around distractions such as people, dogs, cats, chickens and much more.


Bashfully stroll down the sidewalk with your canine companion executing a perfect off leash heel... whilst you meander through the waves of untrained dogs as they bark, lunge, pull and terrorize others!

1 session: $90| 8 sessions: $630

Dogs with trainer

Group Classes

Perfect for puppies or older dogs alike that would like to learn in a group environment.  


Learn canine communication, setting boundaries, marking and rewarding desirable behaviours, discouraging undesirable behaviours and of course structured obedience that is reliable around distraction.

Participate around likeminded dog owners and learn how to be the leader for your dog at home and out in public.

Locations are Georgina and Manilla and classes will be:

On-leash Obedience

Off-leash Obedience

2023 dates are available on the planner below!


5 Group Classes: $175

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Board & Train

Let us do the hard work for you! Board and Train programs are ideal for dog owners who are going away, or who live busy lives.  

Your dog will stay at our 26-acre farm and receive a walk, and 3 daily training sessions, learning Loose Leash Walking, Place, Heeling, Recalls & Sit/Down Stays. These skills will be reliable even around other distractions such as other dogs, chickens, sheep, etc.  We will also take weekly trips out in public to further refine your dogs behaviour when on walks.

On pickup, you will spend 60mins learning how to effectively communicate with your dog and maintain the exceptional standard of training. Expect fantastic results.


Limited availability, please apply below.

2-week Board & Train: $1400

4-week Board & Train: $2400

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Board & Train Ellie

Board & Train Ellie

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