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After years spent training sled dogs and exploring canine conditioning and nutrition, Morgan jumped into the world of police dogs, obedience training and aggression where he developed a system of communication that removes the guess work; by effectively communicating which behaviours you like and which you dislike any pet owner is able to train the dog they want and become the pack leader their dogs deserve.

Situated on an idyllic 26 acre farm near Cannington, Ontario including woodland, pasture and farm animals, MP Canine Academy is the perfect environment to prepare for real world distractions via our Pack Leader Program or our Board & Train programs. We regularly provide training to clients from Lindsay, The City of Kawartha Lakes, Uxbridge, Orillia, Barrie and Toronto.

Training a Puppy


Private Training

For private training, our Pack Leader Program will comprise of:

  • 8 weekly sessions (approx 1hr in duration) 

  • Learning the most up-to-date dog training methods such as luring, using marker-reward systems, leash pressure, counter conditioning, reward timing and frequency, and much more!

  •  Develop the confidence that you are able to overcome any obstacles that come your way

Board and Train​

Our Board and Train programs take place in a trainers home, providing an exceptionally high level of training without kenneling or loneliness for your dog. Our programs:

  • Range from 2-6 weeks of training from highly experienced trainers

  • Deliver a 60-90 minute return session when we hand your back your 'new' dog to show you the training system and teach you how to maintain our work

  • Provide constant support for our Board and Train clients as you reintegrate your highly trained pup back into your everyday life


Aggression, Anxiety and Fearfulness

We have extensive experience with aggression, anxiety and fearfulness and its our belief that every dog deserves a second chance.   With each dog having individual personalities, drives and motivations please feel free to take advantage of a free consultation to allow us to assess the severities of these behaviours and advise accordingly.  

Dog Sledding

The ultimate combination of FUN and EXERCISE, dog sledding is a thrilling and addicting workout for both you and your dog.  Once thought of as solely a winter activity, dog sledding is an adventure embraced year round by professionals and 'urban mushers' alike.  If it has wheels or skis, your dog can AND WILL pull it.

Allow us to help you introduce this unique activity to your dogs repertoire in a fun and safe way, providing guidance on harnesses, booties, sleds, running multiple dogs and much more!

Sessions will take place both indoors and outdoors, please dress accordingly (e.g. winter boots, hat, gloves, jacket, snow pants, etc).

Image by Taylor Kopel

Advanced Obedience Training

Using a ground breaking two-way communication system and professional instruction we show you how to train critical skills and habits such as: crate training, engagement, manners and advanced obedience.


Bashfully stroll down the sidewalk with your canine companion executing a perfect off leash heel... whilst you meander through the waves of untrained dogs as they bark, lunge, pull and terrorize others!

1 session: $90| 8 sessions: $630

Dogs with trainer

Board & Train

Out of town? Want a quick start on the training?

Let us do the hard work for you.

Our 2 Week B+T Program offers reliable on-leash obedience, good manners (no jumping, nipping, etc) and crate training.


Our 4-Week B+T Program offers advanced off-leash obedience and exemplary behaviour that is reliable around any and all distractions.

Expect fantastic results. 


2 week: $1400| 4 week: $2400

Image by Visuals Of Theodor

Aggression and Fearfulness

Aggression or fear does not go away with time and often it gets worse if not addressed. 

We have extensive experience with dogs that have behavioural issues ranging from low level anxiety to extreme aggression.  


With our experience, compassion and patience we will use counter-conditioning, responsible management, and desentisation to teach your dog how to behave around possible triggers.  We will also train advanced off-leash obedience; an obedient dog is a safe dog.


Please contact for pricing


Dog Sledding

Harness your dogs wild side and experience the exhilaration of learning to MUSH with your canine companion.

Wether you're looking for a new (and eco friendly) method of travelling to the store, or a fun workout for your pooch, dog sledding is a thrilling adventure enjoyed by dogs big or small.

Learn how to select an appropriate style and size of harness, the use of dog booties, and how to introduce your dog to this nostalgic activity.


Private session: $90 | 4 sessions: $315


Board & Train Ellie the Labrador

Board & Train Ellie the Labrador

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