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Board & Train Programs
Mount Albert

Dog pulling on leash

When trying to balance work, family and your dog...these issues are likely to show up:

  • Pulling on the leash

  • Jumping on guests

  • Barking

  • Not coming when called

  • Begging at the table

  • Nipping & mouthiness

Don't wait until it's too late!  Our dog training academy in Mount Albert will help you avoid future headaches

Have The Dog Of Your Dreams

walking the dog

Effortless To Walk

Enjoy the walk again (without pulling) whilst you chat to a friend or enjoy on a coffee

greeting the dog

A Polite Greeter

Relish the chance to invite guests to your home knowing that your dog is trained and has impeccable manners

puppy running

Comes Every Time

Give the gift of off-leash freedom knowing that your dog is recall trained and will come whenever asked

Our Clients Say

lady kissing dog
"Morgan's kindness and numerous updates kept us from going crazy without her for her 5-week Board & Train"

Kari-Lynn Kuebeck

How our dog training programs work

1 / Book Your Selected Program

Select from our numerous Board & Train programs based on you and your dogs needs

2 / Drop Off Your Dog With Their Trainer

Drop off your dog at our Mount Albert facility and stay tuned for daily updates!

3 / Pick Up Your 'New' Dog

Spend 1-2 hours with your trainer learning how to maintain your dogs training and set them up for success.

The Best Dog Training In Mount Albert

Ever get frustrated when walking your dog?  At MP Canine Academy we train dogs and help people so you can enjoy the walk again. At MP Canine Academy, we know you are the kind of person who wants to be able to walk your dog with ease, and enjoy their company at home. In order to do that, you need a dog trainer. The problem is, you live a busy life and have little time, which makes you feel rushed and stressed. We believe every dog is capable of walking peacefully and relaxing around the home. We also understand that some dogs have a troubled past, and that’s why we have developed our specific dog training programs to train dogs and help people. Here’s how it works: 1) Book your desired program 2) Drop off your dog and stay tuned for updates 3) Pick up your 'new' dog So, apply now to avoid the frustration and start to relish and enjoy walking your dog again. Our Board & Train programs run from Mount Albert and Stratford.

Board & Train Kyber - Feb 2024

Board & Train Kyber - Feb 2024

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Our Programs

14-Day Behaviour Bootcamp

Perfect for our avid walkers, the 14-day program offers on-leash mastery.  Your dog will learn how to walk beautifully on a leash (even around other dogs), how to greet friends and family at the front door politely,  and how to heel even in busy areas like veterinary clinics or stores. Alongside our obedience program we also teach proper manners, wave goodbye to jumping, pulling, mouthing, barking and so much more!

$1800 + HST

28-Day Off Leash Freedom Transformation

Our signature program, the off leash program lasts for 28-days and will allow your dog off leash freedom like never before.  Using state of the art E-collar technology and training, our team will teach your dog to come when called, walk like a champ, and heel like it's nobody's business, all off-leash and around other distractions! This program is perfect for our hiking companion dogs or those who like to spend time romping at the cottage.

$3250 + HST

Off-Leash Freedom Fast Track

Want off-leash training but don't want to be separated from your pup for too long? This program is for you.  Only available at our Mount Albert location, our Fast Track Program gets you off-leash freedom in just 2 weeks!  With only 1 spot available at a time, please book well in advance as spots are very limited for this program. Expect spectacular results.

$6200 + HST

- Our Guarantees -

Ask About Our 'Teachers Pet' Guarantee


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