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28-Day Off Leash Transformation

Please browse our training modules below.  Learn what we teach your dog, and how it helps you specifically.

What sets our programs apart is not only the expert training your dog receives, but also the support you receive after the program is complete.  See modules 23 through 25 for more details on these game changing modules that aren't on offer anywhere else in Canada.

"My dog won't adjust well"

FREE 1 Hour De-Stress Orientation:

Introduce your dog to our trainers and facility, without stress, even if your dog is a worrier! ($450 value from setting your dog up for success and giving them a head start in the training… this makes a HUGE difference!) What you get: - Facility tour - Meet the team - Chance to try enrichment activities like agility & the ball pit - Pupachino - Information pack – detailing how to help their dog adjust to our facility We came up with this orientation to help dogs and owners who may need help settling in to a new routine. By exploring our training environment and meeting new people (our staff), we are setting your dog up for success by giving them familiarity to our trainers and our facility. We also offer a chance to experience confidence building activities, like our agility obstacles and the ball pit as a way to shake off some tension.


"The house will be too quiet without my dog"

The Homecoming Handbook:

How to prepare for your dogs homecoming while they are away, without going stir crazy, even if the house is eerily quiet without them ($400 value from the peace of mind you get seeing your dogs progress via videos updates and reading our comprehensive training manuals). What you get: - Regular ‘pup’-dates - Support group - Information pack – Ebooks, training manuals, recommended reading - Live training sessions We came up with this handbook to help dog owners do some homework in preparation to bringing their dogs home from our Board, Train & Beyond programs. Packed with training manuals, recommended reading lists and support systems, this guide helps keep you occupied during your dogs program, when your home may be unusually quiet.


"My dog pulls too much on the walk"

Walk & Talk: The Easy Walking Module:

Chat with a friend and drink a coffee while you walk your dog WITHOUT the crazy pulling, even around distraction! ($1200 Value for the 10+ years of frustration and health issues it saves you…no more shoulder pain and no more fear of taking a tumble…your relatives will be lining up to walk your dog FOR you) What you get: - Walking without pulling - Engagement: have your dog pay attention and ‘follow’ you while you walk - Enjoy the outdoors while your dog get the exercise he needs We designed this module because pulling on the walk is the #1 problem most dog owners face, nothing can cause frustration and ruin a nice walk like being pulled by a wannabe sled-dog. Not only is it frustrating, but lots of people have been knocked down by their dog because of excessive pulling. We begin teaching this to your dog on day 1.


"My dog never comes when called!"

The Come When Called Module:

Give your dog off-leash freedom, without fear of them not listening, even around squirrels and rabbits! ($2000 value from the confidence and peace of mind you get from this training that can literally SAVE YOUR DOGS LIFE… if you live near a busy road then this module is a must have) What you get: - Your dog will come when called, every time - You can now allow your dog off-leash at the cottage or trails - Endless off-leash walks/hikes with your dog We designed this module for our avid hikers and cottage dwellers. You will no longer have a problem keeping your dog within sight, or getting your dog out of the water. With our advanced recall training using AI E-collar technology your dog will come when called, every time. Enjoy giving your dog off leash freedom, knowing that at the click of a button you can call your dog back to you, even around other distractions. A game changer.


"My dog is reactive on the walk!"

The Friends-Not-Food Module:

Wave goodbye to reactivity on the walk, without walking your dog at night, even if there are other dogs around ($2500 value from the savings of avoiding dog fights and the inevitable expensive vet visits… and from proving all your family members wrong about your ‘bad’ dog) What you get: - Walk at whatever time of day you like, on whatever street you like without fear of running into another dog - Relief; your dog will finally walk like a ‘normal dog’ - Let go of the stress and anxiety that you carry during walks and just relax We designed this module for anyone who dreads walking their dog. Reactivity can be very stressful and often continues in a downward spiral, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Through calming obedience routines and careful desensitization, we teach your dog how to behave around triggers such as other dogs or people.


"My dog needs a muzzle for vet visits!"

The Muzzle Safety Module:

Safely muzzle your dog without stress even at the dreaded veterinary clinic ($500 value from the money it’ll save you from not having to sedate your dog for routine vet visits) What you get: - Your dog will be introduced to the muzzle in a step-by-step process - Your dog will not resist or try to strip the muzzle off when wearing it - You will be able to safely go to vet visits without drugs or sedation We designed this module for our ‘spicy’ dogs out there. Veterinary clinics can be very overwhelming for all dogs, causing some of them to panic. With our muzzle training module, you will be able to offer a safe examination of your dog, easing the stress of vet visits considerably. A muzzle can also be a convenient alternative to a cone when recovering from surgery.


"My dog is a chewer!"

The Chewbacca Module:

Leave your shoes & TV remote unattended without fear of destruction, even if your dog is a ‘serial chewer’! ($1500 value from the expensive couch or new shoes you now DON’T have to replace… which typically causes a lot of household arguments) What you get: - Your dog will be trained not to chew on likely items like shoes, TV remotes & socks - You will be able to leave shoes on the ground like a normal person without worrying that they will be chewed - Your couch will be safe for the next 10+ years from chewing We designed this module for all of our serial chewers out there. Chewing is usually an expression of boredom or addiction to stimulation… Combining training and our obedience protocols, you dog will have no reason to destroy things in the house and cause tension between family members.


"My dog is fearful and anxious!"

The Brave And Courageous Module:

Boost your dogs confidence with new places and people, without fear or anxiety, even if your dog is a worrier ($1000 value from the boost in your dogs NEW quality of life!) What you get: - You dog will finally be able to walk, sniff and act like a ‘normal dog’ - You will be able to enjoy sharing new adventures with your previously terrified dog - See your dog come out of their shell, making new friends and memories We designed this module for our little worriers out there. Fear and anxiety can cripple a dogs confidence which is heart breaking to watch. Our obedience routines and protocols tell your dog that we have their back no matter what, and to trust in our leadership. This allows your dog to finally relax, smell the roses and be a dog again. Our little worriers typically start their programs at a slower pace and then RAPIDLY improve, often surpassing the ultra-confident dogs along the way. *5-6 weeks may be required for dogs with extreme fear/anxiety*


"My dog jumps on everyone!"

The 'Calm-And-Collected' Perfect Greeting Module:

Allow your dog to greet anyone, without the jumping, even if it’s their favourite relative!... ($800 value for the family gatherings you can now confidently host without worrying about delicate toddlers or fragile grandparents… your guests will be GOBSMACKED by your dogs transformation) What you get: - Greetings without jumping - A jumping ‘failsafe’ for any mischievous teenagers that try to coax your dog to jump - Your dogs first step towards becoming a therapy dog We designed this module to help you feel confident allowing your dog to greet people, without fear of them knocking over someone with compromised balance, or ruining someone’s fancy clothes. By training your dog to greet people appropriately, your dog will have so much more freedom in their life, freedom that isbased on trust.


"My dog is mouthy and nippy"

The Land Shark Resolution Module:

Enjoy family time with your dog without the constant biting and nipping even if you have young kids around! ($600 value by avoiding the crying kids, irritated guests and damaged clothing) What you get: - Enjoy affection without sharp teeth on your hands - Snuggle on the couch with your dog on the weekend without being snapped at - Play tug or fetch without fearing for your fingers We designed this module because too many dog owners feel frustrated by the constant nipping, be it on hands, clothes, or ankles. After completion of this module you will no longer have to hide your hands around your dog, or have your dog rudely snapping at you.


"My dog goes crazy at the front door"

The Front Door Solution Module:

Answer the door with class and without the craziness, even if it’s the dreaded amazon driver! ($1200 value from the money you save from avoiding stress, damaged doors and lawsuits from delivery guys) What you get: - Energy management around common triggers such as knocking, doorbells & “who is it?” - Our revolutionary front door routine (perfect for the pizza guy) - People will ask “can you train my dog” after seeing your front door routine We designed this module because the explosions around the front door can be overwhelming for visitors and outright embarrassing for us dog owners. Get the procedures and routines in place to allow your visitors to be welcomed into your home properly. Now your contractors will be complimenting you on how well your dog greets people.


"My dog barks... a lot!"

The ‘No More Barking’ Module:

Enjoy a quiet (bark-free) household without the yelling even when the schools let out, the doorbell rings, or there’s a suspicious noise at night ($1000 value from the 10+ years of quality sleep you now get and undisturbed work you can do from home… your boss will give you a pay rise from this one) What you get: - Your dog will be trained to know understand ‘enough is enough’ when it comes to barking - Attach obedience routines to your dogs triggers to further solidify your bond with your dog - Take home the #1 tool we pro trainers use to maintain a quiet household We designed this module because a nuisance barker can affect your sleep, your household and even your relationship with your neighbours. No more being woken in the night by your dog, will you use that renewed energy to bond with your family? To crush your next work assignment? To attack your next workout? The choice is yours.


"My dog begs at the dinner table"

The Excellent Eating Etiquette Module:

Enjoy a family meal without begging at the table, even if your dog is a glutton! ($600 Value from the family conflict you save at the dinner table… you’ll be hosting dinner parties just to SHOW OFF your dogs training!) What you get: - Your dog will be trained to have impeccable manners around food - Prepare and eat your meals without being harassed - Leave your popcorn unattended as you grab a drink from the kitchen We designed this module for the gluttons. You know who we are talking to…all the labs and retreivers out there. Wave goodbye to the days of lunch being swiped off the plate (or from your childs hand!), we will train your dog to exercise polite manners around food, so polite that your dog will be the star of your next dinner party.


"My dog bolts out the front door"

The Perfect Patience Module:

Open the door with confidence without your dog bolting or dragging you through it, even if you live in an busy neighbourhood ($1000 value from the anxiety you save, knowing your dog wont take off down the street if there is a crack in the door… perfect for carrying in groceries) What you get: - Your dog will be trained to exercise impulse control where it matters; the front door - As a failsafe, we also train your dog in specific routines at key doorways to ensure an unlatched door/gate doesn’t turn into a runaway - Your grocery shopping just got easier We came up with this module for anyone who has had to chase their dog down the street in a panic. Busy roads can be deadly for dogs, and doorway (threshold) manners are the key to ensuring your dog is safe if you leave the door open for the kids. No more chasing your dog in your crocs and house coat!


"My dog has no chill around people"

The Social Companion Module:

Enjoy summer patio time without being embarrassed even if your dog goes CRAZY around people ($500 value from the convenience of hanging out with friends AND maintaining your dogs training… now you can do both at the same time!) What you get: - Have your dog trained to be a patio companion - Hit up a coffee shop DURING your daily walk - Service dog level training We designed this module for our social butterflies. Never leave your dog at home again when you go out for social meets. With service dog level training you can give your dog opportunities that are not available to regular dogs. Our clients are able to take their dogs into places that shouldn’t allow dogs… but because of their advanced training our graduates get to see places like aquariums, restaurants, gyms and hotels… all because of their expert training!


"My dog wants to meet everyone on a walk"

The Heeling Errand Runner Module:

Have your dog heel beautifully and run errands WITH you, without making a scene, even if your dog wants to meet EVERYONE ($1000 value from the time it saves you being able to bring your dog on the school run, into the bank or the post office… and the ease of having your dog heel through crowds of people in the bank, or swarms of dogs at the veterinary clinic) What you get: - Expert level heeling - Close control in places like veterinary offices or banks - A game changer if you want to bring your dog when you run errands We designed this module for all of you errand runners. Picking up parcels from the post office and running to the bank is SO MUCH more fun when you bring your dog. Not only will you be making the day of the workplaces that you visit, but you’ll also make your dogs day by providing them with exercise, social interaction and time bonding with their favourite human.


"My dog raids the garbage/kitchen counter"

The Counter Surfing Solution Module:

Leave your lunch unattended without fear it will be stolen even if your dog is a serial offender ($800 value from the YEARS of time and stress you save by NOT having to remake your lunch, replace the broken butter dish, or clean up the garbage that’s strewn all over the kitchen) What you get: - No longer fear for your lunch getting stolen by your dog - No more worrying if your dog has swallowed something dangerous - Lay out your kitchen the way you want it, knowing your dog is trained not to go counter surfing We designed this module for all of our notorious counter surfers out there. Stealing lunch or other tidbits from the counter is a self-reinforcing behaviour, meaning the more the dogs do it, the more they want to do it! With our tried and tested methods, we will train your dog to know that if something yummy is on the counter (or coffee table) it is out of bounds.


"I can't bring my dog anywhere"

The Company Mascot Module:

Bring your dog to work, without being a distraction, even if it isn’t common practice at your workplace ($1500 value from the money it’ll save you from this point on dog walkers, sitters and daycare… not to mention that you will be inspiring and uniting your coworkers through a common goal of paying homage to their new company hero… your dog!) What you get: - Workplace etiquette training - Exposure to high paced environments - Key workplace behaviour routines We designed this module for you guys that wish you could bring your dog to work. In our experience, if you can demonstrate to your bosses that your dog will be an asset to the workplace, it’s hard to say no to having a company mascot that can behave impeccably with staff and customers. You’ll be giving your colleagues a reason to look forward to Monday mornings after this training module.


"My dog doesn't travel well"

The Crate Escape Module:

Get perfect crate training without the protesting even if you’ve tried and failed before ($1000 value from this module that will be a life saver when travelling or when recovering from surgery/injuries) What you get: - Expert crate training - Your dog will go into the crate on command and not barge the door on the way out - Quiet, calm crate manners, even in busy environments We designed this module for our frequent travellers. Travelling with a dog can be overwhelming, and the last thing we want is to add stress to our dogs… as well as ourselves! With proper crate training, your dog will rest comfortably in their ‘portable bedroom’ during their travels when necessary, allowing you to relax, knowing your dog isn’t stressed out during transport, or destroying hotel rooms!


"My dog wont drop it"

The English Butler Module:

Have your dog ‘drop it’ on command without chasing them even if they have their favourite sock ($1500 value from the emergency surgery you AVOID from your dog swallowing something dangerous) What you get: - You will no longer have to catch your dog and pry their jaws open when they get into something that could be dangerous - Your dog will be trained to ‘drop it’ on command - Play fetch without the frustration We designed this module for anyone who has got frustrated when trying to get something out of their dogs mouth. Whether it be a ball or something more harmful, we will train your dog to ‘drop it’ on command, allowing you endless fun playing fetch.


"My dog tries to herd us"

The No More Herding Module:

Let your kids play at home without being herded by your dog even if your dog has strong herding instincts ($500 value from the time you save dealing with tears bruises and trying to juggle your dog around the kids) What you get: - Family time without worrying about your dog herding your kids - No more nipped ankles - No more tears because of your dog We designed this module for our herding breeds. The instinct to herd can be so strong in some dogs, it often seems to come out of nowhere. Although understandable, this is not safe around children or adults. We will train your dog to control their herding instincts, even around excitable children and adults.


"My dog tries to hump us!"

The Ol' Horn-Dog Module:

Enjoy family time at home without being humped even if your dog has a horny past! ($500 value from the embarrassment you save from being mounted by your dog in front of family or friends) What you get: - Never get humped by your dog again - Know the signs and how to nip humping in the bud - Avoid the embarrassment of your dog mounting your family members We designed this module for our horny humpers out there. Although it can seem funny at first, humping people is a very rude behaviour that shouldn’t be allowed to continue. We will train your dog to ‘keep-it-in-their-pants’ and avoid this rude habit from escalating into a more concerning behaviour.


"I wont be able to maintain the training"

The Foolproof Training Maintenance Plan:

How to memorize and maintain your dogs training without getting confused in 20 minutes per day…perfect if you live a busy life! ($800 value from the HOURS you save following our easy plan… no more guessing, just simple actionable steps to make your dogs maintenance training a breeze) What you get: - 2 hour Handover session and orientation - Recording of handover session - Cheat sheet of training commands - Daily Training Checklist - Phone/ video support (9-5) We came up with this package because people were having a hard time transferring the training from our facility into their home. Through trial and error we came up with a maintenance program that works for you (train your dog while you cook/eat meals). This was the missing piece of the puzzle for Caileigh Walsh, former client, who now takes her service dog in restaurants and grocery stores, and her dog Theo is so good she sometimes forgets that he’s there!


"My dog wont listen at home, will only listen to you"

The Pack Leader Blueprint:

How to Become your dogs HERO without bribing or yelling even if your dog used to be a selective listener ($2,000 value from getting direct support in your home where you want it most and from getting access to our training curriculum which has helped THOUSANDS of dogs and owners… you’ll be learning our most sacred training sessions) What you get: - 1 hr Home visit and orientation on how to use: - Integration Blueprint with our example training sessions - The 20 Minute Perfect Walk Guide - Training Buddy System - Phone/video support (9-5) We came up with this because the dogs learn to listen to us very well but are used to walking all over their actual owners. This package takes place at your home, where you have been having most of the problems and it quickly positions you as the Pack Leader, with no questions asked. Not only that, but it’s easy and won’t add any time or hassle to your already busy day. We;ve never had anything but amazing feedback from this add-on.


"My family wont be on board"

Rally The Troops! The Family Dog Training Guide:

How to incentivize your family to maintain your dogs training for you, without nagging them, in exchange for pocket money, snacks or even vacations! ($1500 value from getting back 200 hours per year from motivating your family to train the dog for you… AND for the responsibility & initiative that it teaches your kids) What you get: - 2 hr Family Refresher and orientation on how to use: - Family training checklist (daily) - Family Invoice Template (kids training coupons) - Ebook (5 Common Dog Training Mistakes And How To Avoid Them) - Command Summaries We came up with this to help sceptical husbands or reluctant kids become more involved in the training as a family. This perk firstly shows family members how easy it is to train your dog (some have to see it to believe it) and it also does the persuading for you and incentivises dog training for rewards that you determine. You’ll literally have your kids competing for the chance to train the dog and earn some pocket money! Mums love this.

Dog giving a high five

Total value: $24,850!

Your price: $7,900 +HST!

To ensure the highest quality care and training for your dog, we only accept 2 dogs at a time in our Board, Train & Beyond programs.

Please complete the application via the link below.  If accepted, you will be invited to reserve your dogs spot in our next cohort via a $500 deposit.

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