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Stratford Group Training Classes

Ever get frustrated with your dog on the walk? 

Learn how to master the walk, and develop the ultimate routine for introducing your dog to guests in a polite and calm manner, & no more jumping!

By the end of our Level 1 Obedience course, you will say goodbye to pulling, be able to heel your dog past any distraction and have the skills to say 'NO' to jumping, nipping barking, etc.

About Our Group Classes

Join MP Canine Academy's group classes to boost your dog's obedience, social skills, and confidence.


Our expert trainers offer engaging, real-life-focused sessions where dogs learn to thrive amid distractions.


Choose from basic commands to advanced off-leash training, agility, and scent detection.


Small class sizes ensure personalized attention and make learning fun for both dogs and owners.

Benefits of “Group” Training:

  • Increased motivation

  • Enhanced enjoyment

  • Apply to real-life situations with your dog

  • Dogs will learn to listen amidst increased distractions such as dogs, people and cats!

  • Desensitization to working around other dogs and people

  • A chance to socialize your dog or puppy

  • Opportunity to make new friends!

Level 1 Obedience On-Leash

$375 for 5 classes

Effortless Walking

Greeting Routines

Impeccable Manners

No More Jumping!

What You'll Leave With

Take the first steps to unlocking your dogs potential.

Scent Detection

$295 for 6 classes

Increased Focus

Problem Solving Skills

Enhanced Bonding

Mental Stimulation

What You'll Leave With

Uncover your dog's scent detection skills!

Level 2 Obedience Off-Leash

$275 for 5 classes

Off Leash Recalls

E-Collar Training

No More Barking

No More Counter Surfing

What You'll Leave With

Take the next steps to strengthen your bond with your dog.

Must have completed level 1 in order to enroll


$155 for 3 classes

Improved Agility

Enhanced Coordination

Boosted Confidence

Strengthened Teamwork

What You'll Leave With

Enhance your dog's agility and teamwork!

Why Choose MP Canine Academy

Choosing MP Canine Academy for group training classes means enjoying a fun, supportive, and social learning environment. Our expert trainers use flexible, real-life applications to help dogs of all ages thrive amid distractions. With cooperative and engaging methods, both you and your dog will build confidence, develop new skills, and form lasting friendships.


Join us and experience the benefits of our group classes!


Dogs Assisted

10+ Years


Industry Leading

Training Techniques

Life Time Advice & Support

Melissa Elliot

“They really take the time to get to know you and provide you with solutions that work for you, and your dog”
lady and bulldog
Dog Walker

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