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Stratford Private Dog Training

Get tailored, flexible, and effective dog training solutions for your dog dilemmas with 1:1 private lessons.


Enhance motivation and fun while preparing your dog for real-life situations, building resilience to distractions, and fostering better behavior.


Experience personalized attention and achieve transformative results with your canine companion.

Customized Training Plans for You And Your Dog.

Our training covers (but isn't limited to):

No More Mouthing

Food Etiquette

Sit, Down, & Stay

Leash Manners

Greeting Routines

Place Training

No More Jumping

Coming When Called

And Much, Much More

About Your Trainer

Morgan Phillips

Morgan, the lead trainer at MP Canine Academy, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for personalized dog training to every session. With over a decade of expertise in private dog training, Morgan excels in creating customized, flexible, and effective solutions for each unique dog and owner.

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