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Free Board & Train Consultation

Have your dog live and learn with our team

Drop-off At Our Facility

Drop off your dog for the appointed duration. During their stay your dog will receive 3 training sessions per day, a structured walk and a play/enrichment session.  We will teach our signature obedience system and work on individual areas of improvement.


Stay Tuned For Updates

Allow our team to do the hard work for you and transform your pup into the perfect companion. Apply today to discuss our 2-week (on-leash) and 4-week (off-leash) programs


Pick up Your 'New' Dog

With an attentive and polite dog, you will find walks to be a pleasure and will relish the chance to take your dog with you on the school run, into the hardware store or even to your local bank branch.  Upon pickup we will provide you with a maintenance plan to keep your dog well trained and focused. 

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