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How To Be Certain Your Dogs Training Will Last Forever

Are you worried that after you fork out your hard earned money, your dog might 'forget' the training anyways?

This is a totally normal concern

I'm here to tell you that the dogs certainly don't 'forget' their training

Dogs sitting

It is your job however to ensure that they don't regress

All you have to do is maintenance training

Maintenance training is shockingly easy compared to the initial, intensive training program your dogs will have undertaken

Just think if you could take a magic pill to transform yourself into your perfect figure, you would have to maintain that figure moving forward

And that's how it works with the dogs...Your secret to maintenance?

A 20-minute walk per day

During the course of a 20-minute walk, you have the opportunity to practice Loose Leash Walking, Heeling, Sits/Downs and some Recalls

Not only that, but our Board & Train graduates get weekly check ins where we discuss how to smoothly implement the training into your daily life

We send videos back and forth to make sure the dogs are on the right track, and troubleshoot any challenges you might have

Not only that but we also have monthly refresher sessions for our graduates

All this is part of our 14-Day Urban Dog program, and our 28-Day Off-Leash Freedom program

In these Board & Train programs, we do all the hard work for you, and then we do the work with you, before ever sending you off into the real world with your dog to practice

Here's how the training programs work:

  1. Book your dates

  2. Drop off your dog and stay tuned for updates

  3. Pick up your 'new' dog and enjoy adventures together

Email us today and ask about our multi-dog discounts, seasonal sales and more!

Happy training

P.S. If you're concerned that your dog might forget their training if you go on vacation and someone else looks after them...

Totally legit concern again, and one I used to have

What I have found is that it is EASY to remind the dogs of their previous training

Whenever we come back from a trip, our dogs are a little more jumpy, listen less and have regressed somewhat

But guess what... it takes about 5 minutes to remind them of the rules

So trips away are a non-issue for us in terms of training - everyone has 5 minutes :)


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