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Kibble: The Pros and Cons

Ok let's start out by saying that kibble is NOT the enemy. Plenty of raw/fresh feed providers and enthusiasts are more than happy to shame any pet owner who even dabbles in kibble or processed feed.

I can name a few kibble products that are far superior to the raw blends that you'll find in pet stores (see below for recommendations). So leave you kibble shaming at the door (figuratively of course).

The pros of kibble are that it's cost effective, east to store and the majority of dogs do great on it. The cons of kibble are that, during production, the feed is heated to a point where it might compromise the nutritional quality of some of the ingredients.

Some processed feeds also contain fillers that offer no value and might contribute to allergies.

Let's be clear here... the most important factor of a dogs diet is consistency. Any time you change something in their diet they are likely to get the runs, so for their sake avoid adjusting their diet unless absolutely necessary. This is so important. If I were to go backwoods camping and I forgot kibble (for whatever reason) it would be better to fast the dogs for the night (which has a TON of benefits), than to feed them someone else's brand of kibble... which would be a recipe for a messy tent.

Feeding a raw/fresh diet has many benefits of course, which we'll discuss at a later date, but below I will recommend (or not) any of the processed feeds I have tried and tested in the past.

I should mention that as of writing this article there have been some serious issues in the commercial dog feed industry. The brands Victor and Retriever (sold at TSC/Peavey Mart) have been recalled due to dog deaths associated with their feeds. So please do you research.

One product we have been using is a probiotic. It's manufactured by Purina and works great. I started giving it to our guys when they got the runs and now we feed it pretty much every day.

You can order it HERE

As far as kibble goes, Redpaw will never be beaten. Wether you have huskies running 150kms per day or a couch potato, I've never seen a dog not do fantastic on Redpaw kibble. Some dog trainers even use the pieces as treats because of the Omega-3 content...delicious. High dollar, high end.

Personally, my favourite kibble right now is Purina Pro Plan Performance. Purina has a reputation for making very cheap, crappy products...but this one product is exceptional. Like Redpaw, I have tried many dogs on Pro Plan and never seen a dog not do exceptionally well, which makes this my pick of the bunch. Medium dollar, high end.

Our bully Mr T had a bicep tendon injury when he was young that dragged on for months... maybe half a year. I can't stand seeing a dog in discomfort so after many vet visits I tried a few things myself. The formula that kicked the injury was Medicam (prescribed by a vet...or farmer) and a joint supplement. I was so happy with this joint supplement that I started taking it myself, and have been every day for years! The glucosamine and chondroitin are to promote joint health, and the MSM is an anti inflammatory.

Order it HERE

I have tried many other brands, and didn't like them. I didn't like Acana, Kirkland and some others. The brands listed above are what I think a pet owner cannot go wrong with, but I'm more than happy to hear how well your pup did on something else! Let me know in the comments!

Happy training,



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