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Christmas gifts you can give your dogs!

With it being the festive season it's only fair we go over the toys we give our dogs for enrichment, fun and enjoyment. There are literally SO many things we could buy for our dogs, but for today I'll just be discussing what we personally give to the dogs in our household.

Let's start with chews.

Personally, I never give anything to my dogs to chew that they can destroy. Although highly unlikely to happen to us, I personally know of dogs that have been killed by squeakers, rope toys and even bones and I don't want to be another tragic statistic. Plus there are so many other very safe alternatives.

Benebone dog chew

For chews I stick to what I know. And my fav is Benebones :)

I bought my first one about 5 years ago and I want to say it probably lasted 4 years before it was worn down to a little nub and I tossed it. We currently have 2 or 3 kicking around and our 3 house dogs rotate from flavour to favour and still really enjoy them.

Click the pic or use the link to buy here:

Another timless gift HAS to be the Chuck It ball. Easily visible, waterproof and very durable, this is my ball of choice. I have only know one dog to consistently destroy Chuck It balls (shout out to Sheerah!) and I would recommend them for us regular pet owners.

My dogs have found these balls under a mountain of dirt from another dog owner years before and happily enjoyed them for a long time to come. If your dog likes to fetch from water, be sure to not get the ball with holes in, it doesn't float.

One thing I am never without is also the launcher, which makes for effortless throwing and less slobbery hands!

You can gift your dogs these balls here:

And the launcher here:

And now we are onto my favourite. I literally can't get enough of Spark Paws. Their most famous product is the hoodies, and for obvious reasons. They are adorable.

We got their 1st Gen hoody for our bully Mr T, and it was great. We still have it years later. Now they make matchinjg hoodies, pyjama sets and full onesies!

The clothes are actually great quality too. I wear my green hoody around all the time. If you were going to splurge on something fun for your dog and your family then this has to be it.

Please do check the sizing though, our 65lb bully is a size XL which surprised me, but their sizing chart is very accurate, you just gotta make sure you check it.

Grab your Spark Paws gear here:

Happy shopping!


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